Lose Weight Boost Your Confidence Build Better Relationships

Three months of personal fitness and nutrition coaching to create a body you're proud of.

Weekly lessons in dating, relationship and life-success skills to create the life you want. 

Emerge a Winner — looking great and feeling good with high energy — ready to control & own your life.

A 3-month Personal Evolution program for 18-36 year old Men.  

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Alex was an unfit and demotivated architect struggling to find life purpose. EvoME helped him reshape his body, boost his happiness, energy and confidence, and kickstart his career.

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A computer science student, Philip was in a dark place —lonely and isolated in his room, stressed and anxious. Today he is full of positive energy, in good shape, eating well, dating frequently, and happy,


Before evoME Thanujan was overweight, eating poorly and drinking heavily — out of shape and out of focus. Today he's 10kg lighter, fit and well built, happier, confident and in control of his life.


Charly was skinny and weak with no confidence. New to gym, he's now fit and well built with well defined muscle. He built the courage to apply for, and was accepted for his dream job in the Royal Navy.

What do we mean by Body Reshaping?

Together we'll set realistic goals for fat loss and muscle development, then provide exercse plans, meal plans, coaching, motivation, and guidance to help you achieve a body that you're proud to see in the mirror. 

We teach you to care for and maintain your best body for life.

Meet evoME Founder Coach Jo

Coach Jo overcame a range of personal problems during his transformation.

In the process he qualified as a fitness and nurition trainer and became a successful dating and relationship coach.

On discovering his natural talent for coaching he developed the evoME program to help othe young men to give their life wings.  

Ashamed of My Body